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Debt Settlement Programs – What Are the Options For Consumers With Too Much Debt?

You have probably seen the many debt relief companies that are popping up everywhere on the Internet. These debt relief companies make outrageous promises and promise to reduce your debt immediately. How to spot a debt relief scam and protect yourself.

How to Spot a Debt Relief Fraud. When you get an unsolicited call or receive a call from someone claiming to be able to assist you with getting rid of your debt, be very careful. There is a very good chance that they are a debt relief scam. First, they often ask for fees upfront. Next, they will try to sell you a product or service that doesn’t exist. Finally, they will tell you that they can guarantee to get your relief or that their “system” is the only “perfect” system.

How to Avoid a Bankruptcy and Eliminate 60% of Your Unsecured Debt. Debt settlement programs are designed for people who are thousands of dollars in debt and who are severely behind. Under these programs, the debt relief company and the debt holder to enter into a negotiation process with the creditors. The debt relief company will contact all of your creditors and attempt to negotiate lower payments and lower interest rates with the understanding that you will also close your account. However, the creditor may also propose that you file for bankruptcy and accept no payment at all.

When Should You Opt for a Debt Settlement? A debt settlement is an option for debt relief when you can no longer afford your monthly payments and the harassing calls are causing you stress and financial deterioration. The debt settlement company will require that you sign a contract and agree to all of the terms. This includes getting a lump-sum payment and paying it to the debt settlement company in a few months.

Is this the best choice for me? It depends on the type of debt that you have. If your debt is mostly credit card debt and you don’t owe very much on those accounts then debt settlement probably isn’t a good choice for you. However, if you owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills or an investment like a home you probably should consider debt relief. These types of debt often have very high interest rates and you could easily be paying double what you would with a normal loan or credit card payment. Look up the debt settlement program that you want to use and contact them to get the details about the process.

Is a Government Program Available For Debt Relief? Yes, there is a government program that is available and it is called the debt relief administration. This government program offers the creditor’s a lump sum payment that is larger than their remaining debt and pays off their accounts in a few months. This payment is tax deductible. This program is usually offered through the creditor and not the debtor. For more details on debt relief visit https://www.newmexicodebtreliefhelp.com/.