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Lighting Design Ideas For Your Kitchen

The best kitchen lighting design companies in Orlando offer a variety of lighting options to suit your needs. Most people spend a large part of their day in the kitchen preparing meals for their family. Choosing the right lighting can create a sense of order and cleanliness while simplifying tasks. The best kitchen lighting design company Orlando, FL can provide you with a number of options to choose from.

Natural light is one of the most important factors to consider when designing your kitchen lighting design. You should install it in areas like your stove, island, breakfast nook and countertop. The best kitchen lighting design includes general lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. If you are interested in knowing more about general kitchen lighting design company, contact us now or view our free kitchen lighting design portfolio. With so many fixtures to choose from, you are sure to find the right fixture that matches your unique style.

In addition to general lighting, a kitchen lighting design company in Orlando also offers different types of kitchen lighting. A popular choice includes kitchen island lighting. Kitchen islands are ideal for families because the lights are not obstructed by counters or tables. Fixtures such as under cabinet lights, recessed lighting, sconces and shades can be installed to enhance the overall look of your kitchen island. Your lighting solution can range from dimmers to motion sensing lights.

If you are looking for kitchen lighting design ideas that create a warm ambiance, consider using recessed lighting fixtures. Recessed fixtures are perfect for lighting a large space because they do not take up valuable floor space. They can be designed with dimmers so you can control the amount of light to suit your needs. General lighting from these fixtures can provide a warm glow or accent light for the kitchen. You may opt to add an additional lamp or two so you have adequate lighting for doing your kitchen chores around the house.

One kitchen lighting design idea that uses a traditional chandelier but is embellished with pendants is the candelabra. The beauty of a candelabra is its ability to produce warm colors without being overly harsh. The base of the candle provides a soft glow while the pendant adds color and brilliance. You may choose a simple round or elegant shaped candelabra and then place several pendants on either side to achieve a classic air. Candles that are recessed into the sides of the kitchen island also provide the same warm glow without overpowering the space.

When it comes to task lighting, there are two options you have – downlights and wall-mounted fixtures. Downlights are designed to provide general lighting while preventing glare from nearby surfaces. Wall-mounted fixtures are great for providing focused illumination near the work surface. Whether you choose wall-mount fixtures or downlights, you can add a fun, modern and stylish flair to your kitchen lighting scheme.