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Pricey Or Affordable: Is a Bathroom Remodel Right For You?

Average Bathroom Remodel Costs. Typical bathroom remodel costs add up to a hefty chunk of change – nearly $3000 on average. A full bathroom remodel usually takes about 15 days or more, depending on the size of the project. If you’re looking at installing new flooring in your bathroom, a tile or stone upgrade is usually the most economical option, but you can choose from a wide variety of other options to save money. Many homeowners choose to update their shower and/or tub, and shower heads with more contemporary materials to save a little cash in the process.

It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on prices when remodeling a bathroom or adding on to an existing one. Going through a bathroom remodel yourself and hiring a Agoura Hills bathroom remodeling contractor could end up costing you more than if you hire a remodeling company in addition. Keep in mind that hiring an individual or couple will cost you more than hiring a crew of workers, and for larger jobs, it may be better to hire more than one person.

How Does it Make Sense? There are several factors to consider when calculating the price of a remodeling job. Some of the biggest factors are what kind of fixtures are being replaced and installed, and whether or not a new tub or shower is to be installed. The average cost of installing a brand-new tub and shower per square foot depends on the materials used, the size and type of tub or shower being installed, and the amount of labor required. For example, installing a whirlpool bathtub will typically cost less than a traditional pedestal bathtub, even if the pedestal is made of wood.

Another factor is the number of new fixtures that will be installed. Depending on the overall look of your bathroom, and the number of existing fixtures, the new installation will be more costly. For instance, if your bathroom is designed with a contemporary or modern look, replacing all your bathtub and shower fixtures may require you to purchase several new pieces of furniture. A traditional bathroom remodel may only require one new piece of furniture. The cost of a bathroom remodel per square foot can vary greatly depending on the amount of work involved in altering the overall look of the room.

Is a Full Remodel Really Worth it? Many homeowners are interested in a full remodel because they want to change the complete look of their bathroom. If this is the case, be prepared for sticker shock. Los Angeles home owners, who pay an average of $7 a foot for their bathroom remodel, can spend up to eight thousand dollars on a full renovation project. Even those who choose to do a simple update bathroom, such as adding new cabinets and shelves, will pay more than seven thousand dollars.

How Do Prices Depend on Location? Pricing for bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, California, is based on a variety of factors. In addition to the materials used and labor rates, there are a number of different factors that will affect pricing. These include the size and layout of the room, its expected life, its proximity to other amenities and home features, its traffic patterns, and whether or not certain fixtures will be included in the price. Some of these factors, such as the size and layout of the room and its expected life, will also change over time, making some cheaper than others.